Our firm has extensive experience in providing legal services to the high-tech industry. We accompany entrepreneurs, start-ups, mature technology companies, multinationals, angels and investors in all aspects of financing rounds, mergers and acquisitions.

We also accompany companies in capital raising in Israel and abroad, ongoing consultation in their commercial activities, including licensing, development, production, OEM joint ventures, etc., and accompanies companies in all types of exit transactions (including mergers and acquisitions). Some of the companies handled by the firm will be represented by the firm from the day they were established, until their sale or successful issuance on various stock exchanges around the world.

The firm’s high-tech department represents many entrepreneurs and assists them in the initial stages of setting up the company, including drafting the founders’ agreements and planning the tax structure and place of incorporation of the companies they set up. The high-tech department also represents a large number of Israeli and international venture capital funds, corporate funds, angels and leading international companies, in their various investments in high-tech companies and their realization.

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